Why Real Estate Agents Should Have A LinkedIn Page

As a real estate agent, you know that the more exposure you get, the better. But not just any exposure, you need exposure to relevant sources- homebuyers in your area, homebuyers looking to relocate to your area, other real estate agents, etc. Social media has been largely instrumental in gaining exposure through friends, followers, chats, groups and more. And one social network, LinkedIn, is specifically aimed at professionals. This gives real estate agents the chance to network with other real estate professionals, join real estate groups and find more relevant exposure.

LinkedIn is trusted by professionals

LinkedIn has established itself as the professional social networking site- built around professionals, for professionals. Professionals trust LinkedIn and are more apt to turn to it when searching for other professionals in their related field. 

LinkedIn can help you build your brand

Building your brand and reputation is an integral part of your real estate business. LinkedIn allows users to connect with other professionals that they have worked with to help build their reputation. By giving other users recommendations, LinkedIn actually builds reputations for real estate agents.

LinkedIn IS business

LinkedIn generates the most visitor-to-lead conversion rate, three times more than Twitter and Facebook. In 2012, more than 212 million business leads were generated through LinkedIn. By creating new business connections and maintaining existing connections, real estate agents can build their brand and continue to improve their company or brand. Creating a business profile will show other professionals that you are serious about your business, and it will give you ultimate exposure to a myriad of relevant users and sources. A LinkedIn profile could be your most profitable decision of the year.

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