Why Use Evernote For Real Estate?

Evernote is the multi-tool of a thousand uses for real estate agents. As more real estate agents turn to mobile and remote work environments, the more they depend on enterprise cloud apps such as Evernote. Mobile real estate business is performed on a daily basis by real estate agents on the go, and Evernote is one of the most popular mobile cloud apps used by agents. Notes can be quickly jotted down as text or audio. For organization, checklists such as to-do lists can be easily set up from any computer or mobile device.

Evernote in the real estate office

Evernote is a cloud app, but it has many uses as a desktop app as well. All files on Evernote can be accessed directly from the desktop app, emails can be forwarded directly to Evernote and documents can be uploaded or created, edited and shared. Using Skitch for Evernote, custom-sized screenshots can be taken and saved directly to Evernote. Using the Evernote Web Clipper, custom-sized articles and other web content can be clipped and saved directly to Evernote. Notes and note stacks can be easily managed from the desktop or mobile app. 

Evernote for remote real estate agents

The Evernote mobile cloud app is extremely useful for mobile real estate agents. Many agents have tossed the physical office for a virtual office and Evernote is a large part of that office as it offers many of the tools that a physical office would normally have- all easily accessible from a mobile device in any location that has internet access. The ability to multitask has never been more efficient for real estate agents that have too much work to do and not enough time. Evernote is the answer, as it allows agents to easily set up meetings, stay organized with to-do lists, quickly take notes and add audio or photos while driving or otherwise occupied, maintain an easily searchable database of notes and documents and much more. This allows real estate agents to have more flexibility and accessibility, while saving money and time.

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